Why Construction

The construction industry is the nation’s single largest industry employing more people and contributing more money to America’s bottom line than any other industry. The need for new schools, hospitals, housing, infrastructure work, and other commercial buildings is only going up, which means the industry has a significant need for quality workers to perform this important work. From skilled tradesworkers and designers to management and support staff, there exist permanent, well-paying construction careers in all areas of the industry.

Technological advancements in construction in recent years is one of the most exciting facets of the industry and has revolutionized the way today’s construction employees work.  From Building Information Modeling (BIM), drones, surveying technologies, “smart” highways, 3D printing, mobile apps for use in the field and more, there is abundant opportunity for Illinois’ computer-saavy youth to engage in the latest technology trends within the construction industry. Additionally, as a “green” industry, construction employees embrace sustainability and are part of the solution to responsibly protect our environment.

Careers in the construction industry can be divided into four general categories: Skilled Trades; Management; Administration and Professional Support; and Design and Engineering. We encourage you to explore the Build Illinois website to learn more about the various job opportunities within each category. Learn more about the skills gap here. Please contact us with any questions or for more information on how you may build your career as we continue to Build Illinois.